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Cryptogram Challenge Rules!

Keep in mind that when submitting me a challenge cryptogram that there are rules that need to be followed.


1) You must use a substitution cipher that is found in my books. You must substitute one letter of the alphabet for another, and no letter can mean the same letter. Which means L can not equal L. Each letter must have a different corresponding letter. NO NUMBERS!


2) Must be in English and no pig latin!


3) Each word in your cryptogram must be an actual word. You must use real phrases or sentences. Nothing made up or imaginary. Like words that you created that no one would ever know about or have heard.


4) Your cryptogram must be solvable!!!! If I can't solve it, I will let you know and I will ask to see your cipher key that you created to make sure that you didn't cheat in some way to make your cryptogram unsolvable. No tricks! I know you kids are clever so make sure you follow the rules.  No Abbreviations!


5) Use a cipher key to help you create your cryptogram but only send me your cryptogram. Keep the cipher key as your reference, again I will ask to see it. 


6) You must create it so you understand how to use a substitution cipher! With your submission make sure that you send me the following info. I will not answer anonymous cryptograms.

Your name


Contact info-preferably e-mail.

Your school-this lets me know if I had already talked to you about this challenge.


7) Good luck! Have fun!



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