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What Would You Do If You Were Left At The Zoo?

 What Would You Do If You Were Left In The Zoo? won the 2012 Best Book Of The Year Award by Gypsy Publications. Children of all ages are going to love it.

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Sheldon is excited to visit the zoo with his mama and learn about all the great animals that live there. But when the zoo begins to fill with people and mama tells him to stay close so he won't get lost, Sheldon begins to wonder what it would be like to work at the zoo all day and be a real zookeeper. Taking care of the animals and studying them. As the pair explores, Sheldon tries to decide which animal he would study. Should he be a monkey-ologist? Or what about a penguin-ologist?

This story is about the close relationship between mother and child as well as the support of a child's dream.

Look for fun zoo activities to do before and after your field trip to the zoo in the back of the book.


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