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Hand’s (Mineral Mischief, 2011, etc.) entertaining third installment in the author’s mystery/educational children’s series starring a squirrel and duck detective team, Joe-Joe Nut & Biscuit Bill.

The elementary school at Acorn Valley holds an art fundraiser to help local animals whose homes were lost due to natural disasters. Four famous local artists—Claude Monet Mongoose, Georgia O’Giraffe, Vincent Van Goat and Pablo Picasso Peacock—have generously donated their weather-themed paintings for a charity auction. But a monkey wrench is thrown into the proceedings when distinguished Gila monster Dr. Ced E. Meant discovers, in a presentation at the Metropolitan Museum before the event, that his invaluable research has been stolen! His findings are so important that they cannot be leaked to the world at large! Meanwhile, more mysterious and fishy things are going on at the art auction, which Detectives Nut and Bill are determined to unravel. Geared for older children (and appealing enough for adults), this third entry in the series once again paints a delightful world of animal protagonists—teachers, scientists, etc.—using colorful illustrations with the lively black-and-white cartoons of Karwoski. Each of the animals—garbed like humans—has personality to spare, and they make amusing references to bills, hooves and tails. A genuinely crafty, complex mystery (including secret panels, art theft and characters who aren’t as they appear) combines seamlessly with info about weather and art. Hand’s first entry in the series,The Great Pie Catastrophe, won Creative Child Magazine’s 2010 Seal of Excellence Award. With so much to recommend this entry has a rich presentation. A glossary of weather terminology, artist bios and activities for kids are included.

An engaging and delicious mystery/educational series with a fun pair of animal detectives and several well-crafted storylines.

Reviewed by Eileen Johnson for Readers' Favorite

The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Case#3: The Case of the Missing Arch by Renee Hand opens with Dr. Cedric E. Meant (Dr. Ced), a world-renowned researcher on erosion, giving a lecture about erosion. As the lecture ends, Dr. Ced discovers that his special research has been stolen from his briefcase. At the same time, teacher Camille Chameleon notices strange happenings at the school where an art auction is to take place. The work of four major artists is temporarily stored in the school in anticipation of the auction. As strangers roam the school, Camille becomes more and more concerned with the security of the paintings that will be auctioned. She calls on her detective friends, Biscuit Bill and Joe-Joe Nut, to help her figure out what is going on – and to prevent any problems before or during the auction. And so the mystery begins!

The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill is a delightful chapter book mystery aimed at older elementary children. The all-animal cast of characters with creative names like Rainstar, Lily Lincoln, Zorro Zebra, Georgia O’Giraffe, Vincent van Goat, Claude Monet Mongoose, and Pablo Picasso Peacock participate in the mystery and deliver educational and environmental ‘lessons’ that combine to move the story forward as Biscuit Bill and Joe-Joe Nut work to unravel the mystery of the missing research and paintings. The graphics that accompany the text are very well done; however, the artist was not identified in the book that I had. One of the most unique aspects of the book was the information found at the end of the story. These end-pieces included information about the human artists that were the models for the artists in the book: Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, and Claude Monet. There is also information about weather and several weather experiments that can be conducted in the classroom. This is a wonderful book for older elementary children – highly recommended!

What Would You Do If You Were Left In The Zoo? won a 2012 Best Picture Book of the Year Award from Gypsy Publications.

Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite

What Would You Do if You Were Left at the Zoo? by Renee Hand and illustrated by Middy Mathieu is a delightful children's pictorial book introducing readers to animals and zoos. Sheldon and his mama take a trip to the zoo one day. While there, they entertain each other at each exhibit by imitating what each animal naturally does, observe what type of environment they are in, and sometimes their diet and grooming habits. The whole day was spent discovering new animals to mimic, and gaining more information about each one.

Renee Hand introduces readers to many different concepts within this creative, unique, fun book. The author sets the story plot within a zoo, thus inviting readers to explore zoo life, such as animals within, their living habits, and their diets. The author also allows for a reader to ponder on what a career as a zookeeper might be like. When Sheldon visits one of the animals, he watches a caretaker, thus showing one job within the zoo.

What Would You Do if You Were Left at the Zoo by Renee Hand is not only a fun and exciting read for children and adults, but it is also interactive as readers can join in with the characters as they mimic each animal. The author offers a wonderful learning resource for parents and teachers, not only with the book itself but also with a number of activities, crafts, and games at the end of the book for children to complete and enjoy. This book has all of the elements a children's book should have: vivid and colorful illustrations, a learning concept, and an interactive story plot. This book is very charming and enjoyable for young children, parents, and educators.

Book 5 in the Crypto-Capers Series: The Peacock Diaries

won a 2013 Best Beach Book Award

Genre: Children’s Mystery

Title: The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut & Biscuit Bill, Case #3: The Secret of the Missing Arch

won a 2013 Preferred Choice Award through Creative Child Magazine

The Case of the Missing Sock Review by Homeschool Magazine

Genre: Children’s Mystery

Title: The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut & Biscuit Bill, Case #2: Mineral Mischief

Author: Renee Hand

Illustrator: Jake Karwoski

When Melinda was finally ready to talk, she sat down in a chair across from them. She held her head high, took a deep breath, and began. “My daughter collects rocks and minerals, you see, and one of her favourite minerals was stolen from her collection.”

After one seemingly ordinary afternoon with her friends Maple Moo’s day turns out to be terrible when she finds her favourite, not to mention expensive mineral. Detectives; Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill are on the case and they mean to do it quickly. Scoping out possible suspects they analyze the mystery and along the way learn numerous facts about rocks and minerals.

Renee Hand has created a fun and interesting way of teaching kids new facts about rocks and minerals. Her writing style is easy to follow and perfect for children and preteens, especially those who lack an interest in reading because it will certainly spike their interest in books and geology. Amongst the pages you will find the artwork of the illustrator Jake Karwoski which really adds to the story, they are done very well and the reader will certainly appreciate the addition that visuals make within the book.

Overall this book is a wonderful addition to any bookshelf at schools, libraries and in kid’s collections everywhere. Recommended by reviewer, Kirsten Bussière, Allbooks Reviews International

Official website for award-winning children's author in the USA, Renee Hand, devotes herself to writing;

her goals in writing are to entertain and build a connection with her readers, especially young readers who are in elementary and middle school. The books are educational, unique and interactive mysteries. Start reading with your children today.

Reviews for Mineral Mischief are found on the Author Tour Page.

The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill: Case #2: Mineral Mischief


(Books for Kids-Storytime category)The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill: Case #1: The Great Pie Catastrophe,


(Books for Kids-Storytime category)

Check out more reviews for Joe-Joe on Book 1 Joe-Joe Nut Series Page. There are several links there.


Book: The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, Case #1: The Great Pie Catastrophe

Author: Renee Hand

Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-87849-351-0

ISBN-10: 0-87839-351-X

Related website: (author), (publisher)

Language level: 1 (nothing objectionable)

Reading level: Ages 7 and up

Rating: 5 stars (EXCELLENT)

Reviewed by Wayne S. Walker

For more information e-mail

Hand, Renee. The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, Case #1: The Great Pie Catastrophe (published in 2010 by North Star Press of St. Cloud Inc). What would you do if you were baking a pie for a pie festival and it was stolen? Would you call some detectives to try and find it? Biscuit Bill the duck and Joe-Joe Nut the squirrel, the best detectives in Acorn Valley, are helping the first and second graders at Acorn Valley Elementary School make pies for the 42nd annual Pie Festival to raise money for a trip to Moose Falls when they get a call from Dispatch that Miss Cluck’s blueberry pie is missing. Miss Cluck had won the second prize last year, so she had been improving her recipe.

Four friends, Phineas Frog, Wiley Q. Duck, Ramona Raccoon, and Belinda Bear, had visited Miss Cluck that morning. Joe-Joe and Biscuit find four sets of tracks leading away from Miss Cluck’s house and follow the clues. Their investigation turns up some interesting facts. Phineas Frog is taking balloons to the festival. Wiley Q. Duck is responsible for putting up the festival signs. Belinda Bear, who won first prize last year, is baking her own blackberry pie for the festival. How is Ramona Raccoon involved? Will Biscuit and Joe-Joe find Miss Cluck’s missing pie in time for the festival?

Not only is reading good mystery stories fun for youngsters but also it can be helpful in developing critical thinking skills. Renee Hand, who is also the author of the “Crypto-Capers” series of mysteries for young people, provides the classic ingredients of memorable characters and an exciting plot to keep kids turning the pages and trying to solve the mystery. In addition to interesting information imbedded in the text, there is a section at the end with an animal tracks quiz and animal facts about raccoons, frogs, ducks, and bears, along with questions for which children can seek answers in books or on the Internet. Two thumbs up for Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill in The Great Pie Catastrophe!


Book 3 of my Crypto-Capers Series, The Legend of the Golden Monkey, was chosen as being in the top ten at the children's and teen book connections best books of 2009. Feel free to check it out on the following link, as well as other books on the site. I am so excited!


Book 1 of The Crypto-Capers Series, The Case of the Missing Sock, received a Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine. Book 1 was in their magazine several times last year which goes out to thousands of people.

I was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio and The Children's Author Show in 2009 for my Crypto-Capers Series.


Book: The Crypto-Capers in the Case of the Missing Sock

Author: Renee Hand

Illustrator: Alla Dubrovich

Publisher: North Star Press of Saint Cloud Inc., 2008

ISBN-13: 978-0-87839-304-6

ISBN-10: 0-87839-304-8

Reading Level: Ages 8-12 (grades 4-7)

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Wayne Walker

If you had your choice, would you prefer a dirty, smelly old sock that purportedly belonged to Elvis Presley's grandmother or a pair of diamond-studded, gold and onyx designer sunglasses? Maxwell Sherlock Holmes, age fourteen, and his sister Mia, age twelve, live in London, England. Their mother and father are ace detectives with Scotland Yard, and the brother and sister seem to have inherited their parents' abilities to solve crimes. Therefore, with their Granny, Nellie Holmes, and Max's fourteen-year-old friend Morris Weedlesom, a computer whiz, they have formed the Crypto-Capers and unravel mysteries by solving cryptograms that criminals leave behind.

In this first volume of Renee Hand's series, wealthy cereal company owner Charles Delacomb of Naples, FL, had bought a new pair of expensive sunglasses as a birthday present for his wife and hidden them inside one of a pair of socks which was once owned by Elvis Presley's grandmother. He had purchased the socks at an auction the year before and kept them in his library in a locked cabinet. However, both the one sock and the sunglasses were stolen, and the thief left a cryptogram, so Delacomb seeks help from the Holmeses. As the Crypto-Capers investigate, some of the evidence points to Mrs. Delacomb, while other bits of evidence point to the groundskeeper Tom Kemper. In fact, on one occasion, Mrs. Delacomb had even given Mr. Kemper a ride. Will Max and Mia be able to figure out the mystery, identify the thief, and retrieve the stolen items?

Most youngsters enjoy reading mysteries, and this is good because solving mysteries helps to develop critical thinking skills. In the Crypto-Capers books, there is the added benefit of language arts related exercises in working on the cryptograms. On top of this, The Case of the Missing Sock is just a fun story that will keep the reader turning the pages. As the excitement and suspense build, inquiring minds want to know who did it, and why! Also, at the end I especially liked the scene where Mr. Delacomb and his fifteen-year-old son Robert learn some important lessons about their relationship with each other. If you like mysteries, you will not want to miss the Crypto-Capers.

Related websites: (author) (series blog), (publisher)



Book: The Crypto-Capers in the Case of Red Rock Canyon

Author: Renee Hand

Illustrator: Alla Dubrovich-Cover and Corinne A. Dwyer-Inside

Publisher: North Star Press of Saint Cloud Inc., 2009

Reading Level: Ages 8-12 (grades 4-7)

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Wayne Walker

The Crypto-Capers are back! Fourteen-year-old Max Holmes, his sister Mia, their Granny Nellie, and their friend Morris are detectives who travel all over the world to investigate mysteries. Well, Max, Mia, and Granny go places while Morris stays at home because of his allergies and communicates with the others by electronic gadgetry. Each individual has his or her specific talents. Max is good at logic and deductive reasoning. Mia can solve just about any puzzle. Granny is fluent in several languages and provides muscle for the group. And Morris is a genius with computers.

In this second book of the series, author Renee Hand takes the team to Las Vegas, Nevada, where show producer Julian Cross employs them to find a very expensive missing ruby necklace which he had purchased for use in his presentation but was stolen. The thief accidentally left a cryptogram, probably to communicate with his accomplices. There are all kinds of suspects--Cross's girlfriend and lead singer Lucille Devereaux; Cross's rival producer Pierson Long; Long's girlfriend and lead singer, Juliet, Lucille's twin sister; even the man who delivered the necklace, Mr. William Teague. Along the way, they match wits with an elusive criminal known as "the Panther." Then Mia gets kidnapped! Will they find Mia? And will they ever recover the necklace?

Not only is this a fun story to read, but it is one in which the characters engage in some self-discovery about themselves and exhibit a great deal of courage. In addition, the reader can help to solve the cryptograms and participate in the various activities. "These are not for the faint of heart, but for the bravest and most confident of souls. Can you do it? We are counting on you." All children, but especially those who like to solve mysteries and work on puzzles, should enjoy The Crypto-Capers in the Case of Red Rock Canyon.

Related websites: (author) (series blog), (publisher)

The Crypto-Capers in The Case of The Missing Sock

Author: Renée Hand

Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.


Reviewed by: Cheryl Malandrinos

What do you get when you cross an accident prone computer genius, an expert puzzle solver, a flamboyant grandmother who loves knitting–even though she’s terrible at it, and a young detective who can solve crimes that stump senior members of Scotland Yard?

A great new interactive mystery series that your children will love!

Sibling detectives Max and Mia Holmes reside on Baker Street in London. Along with their Granny Nellie Holmes and their technology wizard best friend, Morris, they make up the Crypto-Capers.

In Book 1 of this series, The Case of the Missing Sock, the Crypto-Capers travel to Florida, where Mr. Delacomb hires them to locate a stolen antique sock with a specially made pair of Prada sunglasses tucked inside. With new suspects popping up everywhere they turn, the Crypto-Capers must use Max’s great skills at reasoning and deduction, Mia’s ability to solve puzzles, and Morris’s penchant for technology, to help them solve the crime. And just in case you think Granny has wandered off for no good reason, you’ll discover her wanderings are usually very productive.

Before I say anything else, I have to tell you that my daughters–ages 7 and 5–are already bugging me to get done reviewing these books so that they can have them. I have both Book 1 and Book 2 – The Case of the Red Rock Canyon, and Granny is definitely a favorite character based upon the cover art from Book 2. My girls are starting to make up their own stories without having even read these; so illustrator Alla Dubrovich deserves a huge nod for creating attention-grabbing covers.

The Case of the Missing Sock actually opens in London, with Max in the middle of something good. I don’t want to destroy the surprise, so I won’t say much more on that, but Hand wastes no time in getting right to the action.

Then we get to meet the rest of the team and get some backstory on the family. The backstory is trickled in between the current day happenings, so it doesn’t have a chance to take over the storyline or distract the reader. Hand does an excellent job of sharing just the right amount of detail to make the reader feel like he is experiencing everything along with the Crypto-Capers, while not overloading him with unnecessary junk that weighs the story down.

What I enjoyed most about this book and the plans for other books in the series, is that it gives readers, especially reluctant ones, a reason to pick up a book. By having the reader decipher cryptograms along with the team, The Case of the Missing Sock becomes more than just a book; it becomes an interactive adventure.

The Crypto-Capers by Renee Hand is one series of children’s books that I plan to keep an eye on!

LadyD Books

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review of The Crypto Capers Book: The Case of the Missing Sock and The Case of Red Rock Canyon by Renee Hand

Are You A Puzzle Solver? You know those crossword puzzles, then there are word scrambles. Well, now you will find cryptograms to work on to help solve mysteries along with a group of young children plus their Granny!

Renee Hand’s stunning new mystery series, The Crypto Capers, is an excellent read for your children. Thanks to Cheryl Malandrinos for giving me the opportunity to review these great detective books. I received signed copies with bookmarks and a sweet note enclosed from the author of the Case of the Missing Sock and the Case of Red Rock Canyon. A big thank you to Renee Hand for such a warm welcome to her new children’s mystery book series!

Book #1 The Crypto-Capers: The Case of the Missing Sock

Right from the beginning Renee’s award winning style of writing draws you in. The author is able to create an atmosphere of mystery and wonder through likeable and well-known characters such as Sherlock Holmes. Throughout the book you will follow Max and Mia, young detectives who are asked from a rich man in Florida to help find his wife’s stolen birthday present. It seems an antique sock with a specially made pair of sunglasses tucked inside is missing.

I must warn you from the beginning, you will not want to put this book down because it is that good. One book can easily be read in a day. Basically the plot revolves around Max and Mia easily solving clues using cryptograms. The Crypto -Capers are a team of young siblings Max and Mia from London, plus their lovable Granny Nellie Holmes who is always forgetting something or wandering off and the sibling’s best friend, Morris a computer genius.

What I especially like about the Case of the Missing Sock is how these youngsters go about finding solutions through their great deductions and reasoning skills. Children will get involved with reading this book on any level and will have fun figuring out the paper clues. Of course if you get stumped, Renee easily provides answers to the cryptograms at the back of the book… but wait, no peeking. You’ll discover and solve the clues right along with Max and Mia throughout these wonderful children’s mystery series. My rating is 5+ stars. I loved this book. The price $12.95

Now the second book of the series is called The Case of Red Rock Canyon. I have been told that it’s important to read this particular series in order. With Book #2, the stolen item and assignment is: A missing Orchid Ruby Necklace. The team heads for Las Vegas, Nevada, where they are thrown into the dramatic world of theater to solve their next mystery.

Personally, I found Book #2 action packed and intense at times. You know, the kind of material kids love to read. The young detective team must sift through the clues to figure out what is truth, and what are lies. One of their lives will be in the balance. I think you will find this book an adventure of self discovery and courage!

I highly recommend Renee Hands mystery series for children ages 9-12 and their parents. The paperback books are reasonably priced and the treasures written inside are priceless. I am fond of the character Nellie because I am a Grandma also. And it is quite an adventure to be with my two precious Grandsons! As I recall, my Mother was so good at doing cross word puzzles. I found myself being drawn in to solving all these paper clues along with the professional team of Max and Mia. What fun!

The Crypto-Capers: The Case of Red Rock Canyon

I have made a strong connection with Renee’s writings. She reminds me of a modern day ‘Joan Wilder’. Congratulations Renee Hand on a winning series of children’s mystery books!

Review given by Allbooks Review

Genre: Children’s Mystery

Title: The Crypto-Capers in The Case of the Missing Sock

Author: Renée Hand

In this carefully crafted novel for kids, the author was able to create an atmosphere of mystery and wonder through likeable and well-known characters such as Sherlock Holmes. Max and Mia are young detectives and when a rich man from Florida asked for their assistance in finding his wife’s stolen birthday present, they were ready. By using cryptograms and brilliant knowledge, Max and Mia were able to find and answer many clues that even the police could not find.

Renée Hand has a very unusual but pleasantly surprising writing style. It was a refreshing taste of genuine writing straight from the heart. Through out the novel, her characters became more and more real as their personalities came through on every page. They each had their distinct aura and were easy to relate too; an over-all, safe style but instant children’s classic.

Renée Hand’s love for reading and writing started when she was only a young child and remained constant through her life as a teenager and young adult. She writes not only to entertain but to build a connection between herself and her readers. Her first novel, Magic Hearts, won Best Fantasy Romance in 2006, and her second novel, Seduction of the Lonely Heart, won a National Literary award for Best Romance in 2007.

Overall, this mystery novel about following your heart and never giving up would instantly click in the minds of young boys and girls. Highly Recommended by reviewer, Nicole Harris, Allbooks Review, this interactive novel would be an immediate hit in classrooms all over the world.

Michigan author, Renee Hand wins national literary award. announces the winner of it's Best Romance Book of 2007 Literary Award.

/24-7PressRelease/ - MADILL, OK, January 13, 2008 - Michigan author, Renee Hand wins's 2007 Best Romance Book Literary Award for the title-Seduction of the Lonely Heart. Hand's romantic adventure is a moving love story filled with danger, desire, magic, heartbreak and love. Excellent! Steamy! The second award winning book in a row!.'s 2007 Literary Award winners are determined by votes cast by the reading public and the editors of for excellence in the literature.

Title: Seduction of the Lonely Heart

Author: Renee Hand

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 1-4241-6779-5

About New Book Reviews is an author's organization dedicated to improving the quality, diversity, and selection of new books released, sometimes by new authors, in the publishing world of today. Our Reviews are always frank, honest and impartial and include the editor's personal opinion of the publication.

***Seduction of the Lonely Heart was chosen as the Fiction Feature Book of the Month for Allbookreviews. I received five stars. My interview is also in the newsletter. Feel free to check it out at

*Seduction of the Lonely Heart was selected for a book club read for the As The Page Turns Book Store. I am very excited!

I have several new events coming up. Please check out my news page for updates. Check out my latest review for Seduction of the Lonely Heart on my review page. Thank you and God Bless.


AllBooks Reviews by Cheryl Ellis

Although categorized as romance/fiction this novel speaks the truth. Without forgiveness there is no closure, without closure there is no future.

Alexavier LaRoice is the son of a well-respected shipbuilder. At a young age he is seduced by a married woman. When he learns of her marital status he is devastated and ends the relationship, before knowing that she is with child. The experience leaves him bitter, convinced there was love for everyone else except him. Alex promises an old family friend and local doctor to protect his daughters Isabelle and Rochelle while he is away. Alex, his brother Samuel and the two sisters had been childhood playmates; there was already caring feelings present. Alex vows to protect them against anyone attempting to steal the family heirloom, a valuable Ruby Dagger. Orchestrating a devious plan to do just that at all cost, is the doctor's own brother and young Rochelle's fiance. Rochelle and Alex's daughter is kidnapped, thus begins the journey across England to Scotland, pursuing their rescue and becoming involved with two warring clans. Passions are ignited during the dangerous yet exciting adventure and Alex's mistrust threatens to destroy the growing feelings of love. There are several trails to follow in this tale so you will want to read through to the conclusion.

This book is well written and brings several related stories to the end with logical and enticing progression. Renee Hand, the author has a talent for creating a sense of familiarity between the reader and the characters. She releases her creative and passionate nature in her well thought out stories. Renee Hand has already produced an award winning novel, Magic Hearts and I am quite sure we will be hearing from her again. I would recommend this novel as a great read. Reviewer Cheryl Ellis, Allbook Reviews

Our New Book Review and Spotlight Winner

Award winning author Renee Hand's Seduction of the Lonely Heart is an epic tale of love, betrayal, greed and healing. Isabelle's sister Rochelle is kidnapped and held for ransom for a priceless jeweled dagger. She is reunited with a childhood friend, Alexavier LaRoice, who offers his assistance in pursuit of the kidnappers, and the safe return of Rochelle. Their search takes them across England and into Scotland and places them in danger along the way from the devious gang determined to obtain the dagger, by any means. Isabelle and Alexavier find each other irresistibly attracted to each other and as their relationship rekindles, must deal with a betrayal in Alexavier's past.

A moving love story filled with danger, desire, heartbreak and love. Excellent! Steamy! The second winner in a row!

Tina Moore, editor5(at)


The following review will be posted at under June 2006.


by Renee Hand

Helena knows that in order to save her life and the

lives of her twins she must flee the husband she has

betrayed. Eighteen years later what she knows of her

family is true of her children. Corinne is gifted with

the power of healing and Patrik possesses super

strength. Thankfully Rolin, Helena's abusive husband

is dead and she knows he can't use the childrens

powers to do evil.

Corinne has been pledged to marry a man she barely

knows and certainly doesn't love. In desperation, she

convinces her father to allow her to look for her own

suitor on a trip to her Aunt's house. It is here where

fate will intersect and bring a new love into Corinne's

life and an old enemy back into her mother's.

Magic Hearts was an extremely well written historical

romance novel. I was impressed to see the language was

appropriate without being terribly dated. I love to

read about a strong heroine with her own ideals.

Couple that with a devilishly handsome suitor and you

have a great read. For a debut novel, this one was a

winner. I expect to see much more from Renee Hand in

the future.

Reviewed by: C.C.

See the review from New Book Reviews at the below address

Magic Hearts by Renee Hand

Magic Hearts is a romantic novel about two very different people, from different backgrounds and ways of life. Lord Chastwick is a rich philanderer, of the worst caliber, who is mesmerized by Corinne, a beautiful young woman, who is hiding secrets from everyone. The attraction is mutual and irresistible, in spite of her pending marriage contract to another man. Add betrayal, and fear to the mix and you have a fantastic story certain to keep romance buffs on the edge of their chairs.

Outstanding work. Magic Hearts is full of twists and turns, so you won’t need your bookmark on this one!

Maria Wilson                                                         editor3(at)


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