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Maxwell Holmes

Maxwell is the leader of the group. He is a marvel when it comes to deduction, observation and reasoning. Following in his great great great grandfather's footsteps, Maxwell Holmes just might be the greatest detective yet. He is fourteen years of age and loves to solve challenging problems. His favorite thing to do is going for long walks, thinking and spending time with family. His favorite food is meatloaf and he loves to read mysteries and conduct experiments.

Mia Holmes

Mia is Max's sister. She is a pro when it comes to solving puzzles. Her favorite kinds of puzzles to solve are cryptograms. She is twelve years old and has a great personality. She is sometimes quiet but has a tremendous amount of confidence in herself and her abilities. Though Mia has a sweet disposition, don't let it fool you into thinking that she is a push over. Actually, Mia's wits and courage brings strength to the group. Some of her favorite things to do are solving puzzles, reading, karate, writing in her notepad, going to the theater, horse back riding and cooking. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and pierogi's. Her favorite flower is gladiolas.

Nellie Holmes-aka-Granny

Granny is a master of languages. and is also the only adult of the group. At times, Granny is very unpredictable. She sometimes gets into trouble or finds herself lost, but she is also a clever woman. She loves to write letters in different languages and loves to challenge herself mentally and physically. Her nemesis is knitting, which she cannot accomplish for the life of her. She is well skilled in karate and it's various forms, and is the muscle of the group as well as the super glue. Granny loves to eat soups on cold days and to drink her afternoon tea.

Morris Weedlesome

Morris is the computer genius of the group and is fourteen. He is always up to date with the latest technology that he can get his hands on. He has many friends and connections around the world, which helps him and the Crypto-Caper team on many occassions. Morris has many fears and phobias, so doesn't travel with the team as often as he would like. He is one of the most versatile characters because he will change the most. He will overcome some of his fears and not let them control him. Morris' favorite food is popcorn, which he eats all the time. His hobbies are cataloging new information for his many databases on his computer, which helps him on several occasions. He loves being challenged and does well under pressure.  



Emmanuel Watson-as himself

Emmanuel's hobbies are reading, acting, piano, debate club and football. His passion is reading. He is an outgoing person and takes advantage of opportunities that come his way. He loves learning and studying the history of our world. He finds this most interesting. He enjoys going to school because he gets to see his friends and partake in various activities.


Maitland Bowen- Her character is Liliana Stiletti

Maitland Bowen is a fun-loving girl who lives in the woods of Michigan. She enjoys reading and writing stories and poetry in her free time, as well as playing piano and oboe. Maitland also participates in tennis, cross country, soccer, choir, school plays, and band. She carries a book with her wherever she goes, because she is always reading!

Ben Piazza- as himself

Coming Soon!

Theryn Bass- as himself

Coming Soon!


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