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Would you like to be a character in a Crypto-Capers case?

If you would like to be a character in a Crypto-Caper Mystery, fill out the form below and write a two paragraph or so detailed explanation about your character. Give great details about the part your character would like to play, your name, description, and any other information you think would be helpful. Make sure to include your character's location, appearance, age, job if have one, talents they possess, how could they be an asset to the story, are they a friend or an enemy of The Crypto-Capers? I do need both. If I pick your character, your name will be in one of my future cases. I will contact you most likely through e-mail so make sure you have a working e-mail address. I will contact you also if I need more information about your character. There is no guarantee that I will use your character. I may not use your character now, but possibly down the road in a future case. Characters are picked based upon need, so be creative and unique. You can send me your information via this page, or you can send this form to:


P.O. BOX 144

BYRON, MI 48418Magic Hearts-Fantasy Romance Novel

My name is: _____________________________________________________

I am a: _____ boy _____girl Age: ___________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: __________________ State: ____________________ Zip: _______________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________

Would you like to be added to the Crypto-Capers Fan Club to be alerted of new contests, author information and new book releases? _____ yes _____no

My phone number is: _________________________________________


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