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Book 3: The Secret of the Missing Arch

The town of Acorn Valley is a buzz with the news of an art fundraiser at the elementary school that will help local animals in need who lost their homes because of inclement weather. With the whole town getting involved, famous area artists like Claude Monet Mongoose, Georgia O’ Giraffe, Vincent Van Goat, and Pablo Picasso Peacock all attend so they can each auction off a weather painting coinciding with the fundraising theme. It isn’t until Dr. Ced E. Meant’s presentation at the Metropolitan Museum before the event where, during a presentation where he discusses his findings concerning the erosion of some area parks, he discovers his research has been stolen, which contains information the world would be interested in knowing. At the fundraising event, truth’s unfold that will baffle detectives Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill leading them to suspects they never thought could have committed the crime. Will they be able to solve the case before Dr. Ced E. Meant’s research goes global? Join the detectives on their journey in learning about the topics of weather, erosion and art. Look for various activities in the back of the book to enhance learning.


Hand's first entry in the series, The Great Pie Catastrophe, won Creative Child Magazine's 2010 Seal of Excellence Award, along with her second entry Mineral Mischief, which won a Creative Child Magazine's 2011 Preferred Choice Award. With so much to recommend this entry is rich in presentation. A glossary of weather terminology, artist bios and activities for kids are included.

"An engaging and delicious mystery/educational series with a fun pair of animal detectives and several well-crafted storylines." --Kirkus Reviews

The all-animal cast of characters participate in the mystery and deliver educational and environmental 'lessons' that combine seamlessly as Biscuit Bill and Joe-Joe Nut work to unravel the mystery of the missing research and paintings. One of the most unique aspects of the book was the information found at the end of the story. These end-pieces included information about weather and several weather experiments that can be conducted in the classroom. This delightful chapter book mystery is for older elementary children - highly recommended! 5 Star Review by Eileen Johnson for Readers' Favorite

Joe-Joe Nut Series book #3 : The Secret of the Missing Arch has just been released and is available through my bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and bookstores big and small. *This series has won several awards for its great educational appeal and uses in the classroom as well as in the home."

This book includes information about the weather, erosion and art.


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