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Character contest is currently closed, and a winner has been chosen. Book 3 of the Joe-Joe Nut Series will be coming out in Fall 2012. The story will focus around the weather. Thanks!

In celebration of Summer Reading and Writing

Renee Hand, award-winning author of the Crypto-Capers and Joe-Joe Nut series, will allow children to create a character for an upcoming book. Children can submit their characters and encourage family, friends and the public to vote for their favorites. The winning entry will be featured in the third installment of the Joe-Joe Nut series.

In honor of book 1 of award-winning author Renee Hand’s new lower elementary children’s book series, The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, The Great Pie Catastrophe, author Renee Hand is hosting a contest for children to become characters in one of her cases. The opportunity is for children to be able to create their own animal suspect.

The Joe-Joe Nut series is based on animal detectives who solve cases. The books are educational and fun using topics that children will learn from, such as animal tracks (for book 1) and rocks and minerals (for book 2, Mineral Mischief). Every book is unique, entertaining and yet full of interesting information that children will love to learn about.

For the contest, children will submit a character, they created. The author will then post submissions on her website. Family, friends and the public will be able to read and vote for their favorites. The submission that receives the most votes will become a character in the next book.

"I decided to hold this contest," stated Ms. Hand, "in honor of my new lower elementary series titled, The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill, Case #1 The Great Pie Catastrophe. I am an author who writes for my readers. I want them to be involved in my books and make a connection with the characters. It is important to me. My goal is to not only entertain children, but to educate them as well, and all of my books accomplish this goal. This contest will help children understand the process an author goes through in creating a character and will be able to work with me on the development of that character in the story. As a thank you to the winner, not only will their character be a part of the story but it will be dedicated to them as well. The winner will also receive a signed copy from me. I am excited about this contest and wish luck to all. I look forward to reading the entries."

The contest begins on June 7th and will end on August 15th to allow time for everyone to develop and promote their characters. Thanks to everyone who is participating.


What I am looking for is this. In my Joe-Joe books the suspects can be any kind of animal. The character must be knowledgable about a school topic you think would fit your character. Book 3 is still up in the air as far as educational topic. Depending on the types of characters I receive for the contest will drive the storyline. You must describe what your character looks likes. Their hobbies and what they like to do that might pertain to what they know. Where your animal might live. For example, in book 2 I have beaver twins. They have a nice house in the middle of the pond (because beavers live in a beaver dam) This is fiction so we can embellish any way we want but we want to keep some truth to it as well about your animal so children can learn more about it and about the educational topic. I hope this helps everyone.   


First Entry:

Liam the Llama

Liam the Llama lives in a wooden house near a pasture of tall grasses with his parents and siblings. He loves volcanoes and collects volcanic rocks. He has dark brown wool and soft chocolate eyes. He is a friend of the other suspects. His father is a football coach and doesn't understand Liam's love of rocks and science. Liam feels like an oddball of the family but is determined to believe in himself and his abilities. He is creating a volcano for the school science fair and has several books laid out onto a table about volcanic rocks. He wants to save money to go to a rock conference so has motive for stealing the missing item. He informs the readers about volcanic rocks and what makes them unique.

Liam the Llama was created by Sheldon Hunter from Metamora, Michigan.

Second Entry:

Rainstar the Tabby Cat

Rainstar is a golden furred, green-eyed, female tabby cat that loves to play and go on crazy adventures. She loves playing with balls of yarn and can outsmart most other animals. In her free time, she loves to go outside at night or when it's raining and watch the stars or the weather. She can teach all other animals about weather and outer space and can go on and on for hours about it.

Rainstar was created by Haley Clafton from Northville, Michigan

Third Entry:

Detective Pupster the dog

Detective Pupster is brown with fur, and has claws that are trimmed. He is a detective pro but his real name is Pup. He has a secret camera on his medal which he wears around his neck.

Detective Pupster was created from a child from Fenton Michigan.

Fourth Entry:

Timothy the Turtle

Timothy is a young black and orange box turtle that lives in the woods to study botany, the study of plants. Timothy loves to take a seed, dig a hole, and watch a flower grow!!! his mom owns Sparkling Gems, a jewelry shop. Every thing, not just in her shop, EVERY THING has to be top-dollar or they don’t own it. Timothy could tell you everything there is to know about plants, even though his parents won't let him have any. He gets them any way. He digs them up and plants them in a secret spot. I guess you could call Timothy a tree hugger, because he is. That is a good quality for a detective, learning how to use the elements of nature as your guide. When his beloved earth is in danger he has to crack this case W I D E open.

Timothy the Turtle was created by Grace Abraham from Ortonville, MI

Fifth Entry:

Clay the Chameleon

Hi, I’m Clay; I am a very smart chameleon, who loves to study the weather. The weather is so interesting because when I’m angry or it’s cold outside my scales turn dark. But, when I’m excited or the sun is out, my scales turn bright. I am usually orange, yellow, or light green. Because I live a great life (I’m happy!) and I stay in a warm place. I have dark blue eyes, and a long tail. I live up in a tree in Madagascar; I love to discover the world around me. I am an exchange student; I came to Michigan to teach young animals about weather because it has 4 seasons. I hope to have my very own weather channel to teach everyone about the weather and how it affects us differently. I am a curious chameleon who loves to study the weather and loves to teach others about what I know.

Clay the Chameleon was created by Dana Pangori

Look at the choices above. In order to vote you must send an e-mail to

In the subject, you need to say -"Joe-Joe Nut Series Vote"

In the body of the e-mail you need to tell me who you picked. It's as simple as that. Thank you to all who are voting and participating.



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