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Official website for award-winning children's author in the USA, Renee Hand, devotes herself to writing; her goals in writing are to entertain and build a connection with her readers, especially young readers who are in elementary and middle school. The books are educational, unique and interactive mysteries. Start reading with your children today.

All of my books are award-winning books. I have two children's mystery series'.

The Crypto-Capers Series is a fun and educational series that can be used in classrooms. This is a chapter book for elementary and middle school children. Each book is filled with historical and/or science related topics that can make good discussion material for the classroom. This series is also great for reading comprehension, critical thinking, observation, deduction and vocabulary.

The Joe-Joe Nut Series is also an educational series that encourages children at a young age to think about things a little differently and to question everything. This is a chapter book for elementary school children. Book 1 of the series is about animal tracks so can be supplemented in that way. Book 2 of the series is about rocks and minerals. Children will really be able to understand the concepts better just by trying to solve the case. I also included some great activities that children can do in the back of the book.

For any school that is interested, I am doing a writers workshop. In this workshop I will be talking about all of the elements of writing as well as some tips and tricks that help students become better writers. My methods have been proven to increase test scores. This is a workshop focused on children in elementary, middle school and high school level. For more info, please contact me at and let me know what you have in mind. I am easy to work with an can accomodate every schools or groups needs. Put "Writers Workshop" in the subject line. Thank you!

I also teach a mystery writing workshop which covers the elements of writing a mystery.

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