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Seduction of the Lonely Heart-National Award Winner

Alexavier LaRoice would have given anything to be able to love again. His heart had been broken at a young age by a woman who had betrayed him. As years pass, he grows into a man who is cold and distant, feeling that he is undeserving of love. As Alexavier finds himself aiding a family friend, he spends time with a woman who could mend his heart, a woman he has always cared about but never allowed himself to have feelings for—Isabelle Kingston.

When Isabelle’s sister, Rochelle, was kidnapped, she didn’t know where to turn. But when Alexavier offered his help she accepted it eagerly, knowing that together they could save her. Their journey takes them throughout England and into Scotland in search of their souls, and what they find is an everlasting love, a love that will test everything they believe and yet will open their eyes to the deception around them. When evil forces them to doubt what is truly important they realize that, in the end, love is worth fighting for.


               Seduction of the Lonely Heart is the story of Alexavier LaRoice who, at a young age, gets emotionally destroyed by the woman he loves. She betrays him, lies to him and uses him to sate her own desires and needs. As he leaves her and starts his life anew, Alexavier grows into a man who feels unworthy of love. He remains cold and distant in relationships, hardly getting involved with anyone. As time passes he is called to aid a family friend, a man who is a well known doctor. As the doctor leaves to look after Alexaviers sister, who is pregnant, he leaves his daughters in Alexaviers care but the task was destined to be an impossible one. Many events happen that challenge Alexaviers strength and courage, that challenge his heart. He spends time with Isabelle, who he has known since they were children. They used to play together, depend on one another, and confide in each other. They were best friends but as childhood relationships often do, they grow apart over the years. It wasn't until Isabelle's sister, Rochelle, was taken by a man who wanted from them an infamous Ruby dagger, that Alexavier and Isabelle had to bond together to save her. Isabelles strong character, and wonderful sense of humor, reminds Alexavier of the man he used to be. The man that he wants to be again. She shows him that no matter what adversity we go thru or lies ahead, we must stay strong and overcome it. They were not ready for the journey that was ahead of them. Wasn't prepared for the betrayal that was soon to come from the people they most trusted. But they found a strength inside of themselves that they didn't realize was there and when it was time to face their enemies, they did so bravely, but with consequence. It would cost them their love. As they sacrfice everything for their families and loved ones to protect them from harm, they forget about themselves and their own happiness. Will they be able to find their happy ending? This story talks of strength, love, trust and most of all, the devotion to family. I hope you enjoy Seduction of the Lonely Heart. Thank you!


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