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Book 3 of the Crypto-Capers Series

The Legend of the Golden Monkey


The Crypto-Capers are off on another adventure, but this time it is because of their adversary, the Panther. Max, Mia, Granny and Morris, must rise to his challenge. If they don’t, the infamous Panther will surely win.


Ancient Mayan artifacts and a Golden Monkey


The Legend of the Golden Monkey leads the Crypto-Capers to the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, a once flourishing Mayan city where secrets abound. Sent to the Riviera Maya on the request of a friend, the Crypto-Capers find themselves on a treasure hunt smack dab in the center of Chichen Itza’s archeological park. Upon realizing the Panther’s involvement, the Crypto-Capers immediately agree to find ways to sabotage his efforts of finding the treasure first. But they find more questions than answers, and more clues. Are they being led astray? Or does the truth run so deep that it cannot be believed? The Crypto-Capers must believe in themselves and have faith in their new friends to help them find the items needed to open the treasure room and finally bring closure to an archeologist’s life, a man whose history is tied to the Golden Monkey. Join the Crypto-Capers on their new adventure by solving the cryptograms and participating in the various activities. Good luck!

The way to solve the puzzles in book 3 is the same as book 2. Create your own cipher key. The reader will also be learning about Mayan Math, which is always fun.

Bars equal 5

Circles equal 1

So, in the book I give you an example of a Mayan number then I proceed to tell you the many ways Mayan numbers can be used in math problems. Don't lose sight of the fact that all I am asking you for is what the number stands for like in the example I provide.

For example,

One bar and three circles equals 5+1+1+1= the number 8

It's just that simple. I am introducing this concept to you because in book 4 you will need to use this knowledge to solve some Mayan puzzles.

Keep in mind that throughout the series I will be introducing you to new concepts, because I am going to have you use them in the book or in the next book in the series. Remember that I am always going to challenge your thinking. I want you to be constantly learning, but also having fun. You are going to love the other half of the story in book 4 The Chest of Mystery. Book 4 closes the case. Hope you will enjoy it. You will love the suspense and adventure.

*What were the two Mayan Numbers found on page 38? 


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