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Book Signing and Mystery Writing Workshop In Traverse City Bookstore

Traverse City

243 E. Front Street

Traverse City, MI 49684

Award Winning Children's Author Renee Hand Announces New Book Release And Upcoming Book Signing Event At the Horizons Book Store in Traverse City

Author Renee Hand announces the upcoming release of her newest book, The Peacock Diaries, book 5 in her Award-Winning Crypto-Capers Series. Mrs. Hand will be appearing at the Horizon Book Store in downtown Traverse City on October 2nd, 2011 starting from 3-5pm. Author will also be signing and discussing her other new release, Mineral Mischief, book 2 in her Award-Winning Joe-Joe Nut Series focusing the mystery for younger children which includes the topic of rocks and minerals. This release satisfies the National Standard for Science in this area. Great for schools and libraries.

Award winning author Renee Hand, author of the Crypto-Capers Series of children’s books announced today the upcoming release of her new book, The Peacock Diaries. Mrs. Hand’s award winning children’s books are designed to maximize reading comprehension through engaging, interactive games. The Crypto-Capers series, as well as the Joe-Joe Nut series challenge and engage children through involving them in literacy games, leading to improved comprehension and exceptional learning.


“Writing children's books,” stated Mrs. Hand, “gives me a chance to be creative and yet at the same time allows me to educate and challenge children to their fullest potential. The Crypto-Caper and Joe-Joe Nut Series involves the reader into the stories in a way that makes them feel a part of it all as they figure out who commits the crime. The reader will learn about deduction and reasoning, but also about themselves and what they can do. These books show characters with strength and courage, compassion and determination, and children of all ages can relate to that.”


In honor of her new release, Renee Hand will be teaching a mystery writing workshop for elementary and middle school children. Children who attend the signing and workshop will be able to read their final work on the author's radio show to millions of listeners worldwide.

Renee Hand is available for media interviews and school visits. She can be reached using the information below or by email at More information on the Crypto-Caper series and the Joe-Joe Nut series is available at Mrs. Hand’s website at


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