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New Product Review for a Learning Game

My children and I love to play games. Card games and board games, especially educational learning games, we love them all. The game I am reviewing is a card game. What is so great about this game, is that children of all ages can play it. My youngest is 4 and he has fun coming up with great ideas on how to tell the story. Granted, his version is not exactly the same as everyone else's, but I think it is part of the fun, at least he tries to follow along.


The Storybook Game™ is a never-ending story told differently every time. Children create a unique story, one card at a time, memorizing the cards as they are played. Lunch box tin contains 54 illustrated cards and instructions. The game is by Fundex Games and is for children the ages of 4 and up. It is also for 2 or more players. The cost of it is around $6.95, depending on where you go. The game can be found in Target as well as in various other places, including educational stores.


This game travels easily. We take it with us in the car when we go on vacation.We have also taken it with us into resteraunts to entertain everyone as we were waiting for our meal. The cards are contained in a cute little tin which can be reused. Because I love to write, this game is great in trying to come up with a storyline quickly using pictures of things that we might not ordinarily use. For example, how would you write a story concerning a cat, a comb and a piano? My point exactly, and yet in a pinch a story is created that makes everyone laugh and shake their heads. The games last around 10-15 minutes.


I have used this game in many ways to challenge my children's thinking. I have let them choose several cards from the deck to write about, coming up with various storylines and scenarios. Their imaginations are just amazing and this game is a great way to kick start creativity.




If anyone wants to participate in the giveaway to receive this game, you will need to join my website or blog and when ready, send your child's story to me at

Below are 9 cards of random pictures from the game. You must create a story from those pictures. The best one will be posted here on my blog and at several different locations, giving the writer tons of exposure for their creativity. Participants must be children, no adults please. The giveaway will last until August 1st. Then a winner will be chosen and posted. If anyone has any other games that they would like to share, please do! I am always looking for new games to enjoy.



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