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The Crypto-Capers Book Tour

Here is my tour schedule so far. Check them out and post comments.



The first person to visit each one of my tour spots and leaves a message on that site, then contacts me at at the end of the month, will receive a free signed poster of the series for their child. If you are able to solve the cryptograms that I leave behind on each site, and send me the answers to each of them at the end of the month, you will receive a free book of choice. Possible selections are book 1 or book 2 in the series or one of my romance novels, Seduction of the Lonely Heart.

If you buy a book through Barnes and Nobles or Amazon and would like a poster for your child, e-mail me and give me the confirmation number and I will send you a free signed poster to your child.

Look forward to hearing from you on my tour and thank you so much for your support.


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