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Writer's Showcase Stories

This week I am showcasing two very talented writers named Ben who is 10 and Sam who is 8. These two wonderful boys attended the Ligon Writers Workshop that I helped with last week. All of the class had to write about nature and the environment while incorporating two random items that I gave them. The class came up with some wonderfully creative stories. I hope everyone enjoys them.



Ben’s Story:


One strange day, on a simple stroll, I saw the biggest toad ever in front of me. I picked it up, and for no good reason, it burped! Then it jumped out of my hand. I tried to get it back, but he hopped into the bushes. "I feel the ground shaking" I said. Suddenly, lobsters came from nowhere and took my shoes! "I'm gonna turn you into a seafood special!" I roared as I chased them into the forest.

"Oh my gosh!" I screamed. I knew why they took my shoes. They were using junk to build a habitat! Tires, chairs and even a car! The lobsters used everything. This taught me a big lesson. Never pollute.



Sam's Story:


It was hot while we were walking. We saw a snake hole. We thought there was a snake already in there, but there wasn't. Freaky. What if a snake came out? It would be black.

The first leaf I see is greenish yellow. The second is mostly yellow. The pine needle is sharp and it is short to me. The flower is long and yellow and the leaves look prickly.

I went into the dark woods and saw a red pine tree. It was pokey. I was with Steven and we found an acorn. That is what we will look for tomorrow too. Tomorrow, we are having a pizza party. Isn't that cool? I like my teacher and I like the sites, that is the best part.


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