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The Avenger Poetry Contest

I will be having a poetry contest starting now. To get an idea of the kind of poem I am looking for check out my "Love poem of the week" page or see my second novel, Seduction of the Lonely Heart. There is a poem in it written specifically for that novel. The poem must be about love in some capacity or another. In any style or format. A brief summary of the story is below. The winner of the contest will have a chance to write a poem which will be published in my third novel to get their talents more exposure. Their is no compensation what-so-ever for the winner! Only a chance for their poem to be in my next novel for thousands to millions of readers to see. I do this to help upcoming and local talent to give their work some exposure. All work from my new novel is copyrighted. Thanks and good luck!

It is a story about love and trust, as well as betrayal and deception. In order to find her pirate father, Stratton Mayne, who happens to be the notorious Captain Blood, Miranda must leave the respectable life she has known in England to sail to the Caribbean with her fiancé, Lord Hammil. She uses Lord Hammils affections and knowledge to get what she needs, and her plan seems perfect, until she realizes that he is using her to get to her father so he can kill him, as well as to steal from him a crystal that opens a vault which holds the greatest treasure ever found. Realizing his intentions Miranda enlists the help of Captain Riveri, a man who is loyal to her father. As they deceive Lord Hammil and escape him and his evil plans to destroy them all, they find love, but their new love will be tested as they get captured and are forced to hurt the ones they are trying to protect. As they regain their freedom they return to live happily ever after back in England. But their dreams will soon be dashed as their past catches up with them. When they realize there is no use in running, they stand and fight. As they conquer their enemy they discover how no one can destroy true love and the bond between family.


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